Tuesday, 22 December 2020



It's getting harder and harder to hold onto my real self as I swim about in new and old memories, I cant tell what is real and what's false. My name is Samuel and I am a boy, but if that is the case why do I have soft skin, breasts and a sensitive vagina? Boys aren't usually supposed to have those! This body just doesn't match the memories stirring in my head… no wait yes they do!  I see her now, in my past. It’s the boy who is unfamiliar, its all becoming clearer. The girl, that’s Samuel wait no… Samantha, that’s her name and Samantha is me. Who that boy was is a mystery, he doesn't seem important so I might as well just forget him and go about and continue my wonderful life. 


Friday, 18 December 2020



Purple leather tightly hugged his petite slender body, narrow waist and girlish curves. His hands were kept in adorable yellow gloves that matched his equally yellow boots. A black cowl concluded the outfit which masked his identity despite looking definitively female without it. Makeup lined his eyes and lips, whilst elegant hair extensions flew gracefully past his shoulders like red flames. Any sign of masculinity was stuffed away and all exterior mannerisms had been feminized perfectly.

He was loving this spotlight, receiving requests to have pictures taken with the other incredible cosplayers. He was dressed as his all-time favourite comic book character Batgirl, and looked quite authentic as indicated by the applause he received.

None of the male character choices appealed enough to him, it was his cosplaying friend Gwen who suggested how fun it would be to just go as a girl character instead.

His adoration was so strong that he began to feminize his own body. Gwen had shown him how great the world of a girl is, so much that he became Barbara outside of the costume, wearing girls clothes and makeup all of the time. When the convention rolled around she was feminine enough to become Batgirl.


Monday, 14 December 2020



Are you new in town? I bet you want to know why there are so many ginger girls like me here right? come closer and I’ll tell you…

It began a few weeks ago, when this club opened. Me and my friends were having a wild night until we lost each other in the crowd. I was ready to go home when for seemingly no reason someone slid a soft kiss on my cheek like lightning! I never saw her face but she had long fiery red hair flowing down her back.

Over the days that followed I noticed different things happening with my body. The first thing was the light freckles appearing across my face and body which was also losing lots of weight turning paler. The familiar areas of my face shifted elsewhere making it nearly unrecognizable, but extremely cute. It was when my hair turned a fiery red did I realise just what was going on and decided to embrace my new future.

Don’t believe me? Well let me whisper the best part in your ear...

My transformation is complete and I’m so much happier now and I really want to make you happy too so… *kiss*


Wednesday, 8 July 2020

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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

A New World

I wonder what the world will be like when this is all over?
Stay Safe...

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Quick Cap: Quick Pic!

Just a quickie!

A Date With Death

You begin your life, and it begins a journey towards you. It moves slowly, but it never stops. Wherever you go, whatever path you take, it will follow. Never faster, never slower, always coming. You will run. It will walk. You will rest. It will not. One day, you will linger in the same place too long. You will sit too still or sleep too deep, and when, too late, you rise to go, you will notice a second shadow next to yours. Your life will then be over.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Thick As Thieves

"And only if the three of them could stay like that forever,
And only if we could predict no changes in the weather
And only if we didn't live in life, as well as dreams
And only if we could stop and be forever,
Just eighteen." -Summer Sequence Blood Brothers

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Abyss Of Acceptance

Okay, I may have put myself in this one... What can I say? I really love tights! I really wanted to expand on the ending of transformative tights part 5, but with a bit more of a TG twist.
So yes I am just a pair of tights now I guess, feel free to try me on if you like :)

Tights Trek

What do you think the implications will be like for Ezra?

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Spidey-Sense 2

So many wonderful cosplay of Spider-Girls, I just had to to make a sequel caption!


I thought of this whilst out on a walk today, I really miss the time I used to spend with my friends. All this virus stuff has mad me miss the old days even more...

Let us know how this one made you feel :)