Friday, 18 December 2020



Purple leather tightly hugged his petite slender body, narrow waist and girlish curves. His hands were kept in adorable yellow gloves that matched his equally yellow boots. A black cowl concluded the outfit which masked his identity despite looking definitively female without it. Makeup lined his eyes and lips, whilst elegant hair extensions flew gracefully past his shoulders like red flames. Any sign of masculinity was stuffed away and all exterior mannerisms had been feminized perfectly.

He was loving this spotlight, receiving requests to have pictures taken with the other incredible cosplayers. He was dressed as his all-time favourite comic book character Batgirl, and looked quite authentic as indicated by the applause he received.

None of the male character choices appealed enough to him, it was his cosplaying friend Gwen who suggested how fun it would be to just go as a girl character instead.

His adoration was so strong that he began to feminize his own body. Gwen had shown him how great the world of a girl is, so much that he became Barbara outside of the costume, wearing girls clothes and makeup all of the time. When the convention rolled around she was feminine enough to become Batgirl.


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