Monday, 14 December 2020



Are you new in town? I bet you want to know why there are so many ginger girls like me here right? come closer and I’ll tell you…

It began a few weeks ago, when this club opened. Me and my friends were having a wild night until we lost each other in the crowd. I was ready to go home when for seemingly no reason someone slid a soft kiss on my cheek like lightning! I never saw her face but she had long fiery red hair flowing down her back.

Over the days that followed I noticed different things happening with my body. The first thing was the light freckles appearing across my face and body which was also losing lots of weight turning paler. The familiar areas of my face shifted elsewhere making it nearly unrecognizable, but extremely cute. It was when my hair turned a fiery red did I realise just what was going on and decided to embrace my new future.

Don’t believe me? Well let me whisper the best part in your ear...

My transformation is complete and I’m so much happier now and I really want to make you happy too so… *kiss*


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  1. A gorgeous look. Who would not want to look like that?