Saturday, 30 January 2021

Under Her Thumb

 I had dreamed that this moment might've happened for all the years I’d known Natalia, the most attractive woman I’d ever known. There is something special about Nat that makes her so desirable to me, as if we have some sort of mystical connection... In my days as a man, my fantasy would've been to hold, love and have her confidently. But in some dark twist of fate I am no longer a man, and I find myself meek and shy of this new dainty body, and yet thrusted into an erotic encounter with the woman of my dreams.


Natalia’s right hand glides delicately up my stomach, peeling my blouse upwards, admitting cool air on the bare skin of my milky flat gut. Nat’s hand finds and grasp’s my cute perky breasts, teasing the hardening nipples. Her other hand drifts slowly downward to the brim of my panties, I adorably shiver when she meets them. She notices my reaction and grins cheekily, starting to seductively massage the flat area of skin between my belly button and the edge of my pink briefs. I blush a bright red with every intimate stroke, my clit pulsating and throbbing as moist heat builds in my folds.


Nat has me completely at her teasing mercy, exactly where she wants me. I’m her explosion of intense sexual lust ready to erupt… I’m desperate for her to ravage and dominate me! To be her enticing plaything! Images of our beautiful feminine forms violating each other swirled violently in my mind, all my thoughts filthy and perverse. And now she can see my broken will, glaring in my obvious eyes, as her delicate fingers breach the band of my silky panties and like lightning probes hard the trigger inside. My erotic moans roar like thunder and the fun begins...