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I claim no copyright over the images used on this blog. 
The content has been utilised for entertainment purposes under fair use. The stories do not reflect the views of the talented models within the images. If an image owner wishes for an image to be removed, please email me through "abigailreddtg@gmail.com" and any request will be actioned swiftly. No money will ever be made from the content on this blog, as it is just for the amusement of myself and to those who are interested in transformation fiction.

Furthermore, any characters participating in sexual activities within my stories are to be assumed as over 18 years old. 

All events and characters in my stories are fictional, any similarity to the real-world is coincidental. 

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  1. Hi Again!!!
    I can't say enough or thanks enough about the caption you did for me "Zoe)! Just love it and if only I could wake up looking like the model! Next Thursday I am having back surgery (again) and wish the surgeon would get the orders mixed up and do a gender reassignment on me! Any chance you can help? Love, Zoe